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Strategic Marketing Consulting

Our Focus

KNcontemporary marketing, LLC is a strategic marketing consultancy focused on partnering with clients to marry a contemporary perspective with proven foundational marketing disciplines. We bring expertise in developing strategies to differentiate brands, solve complex challenges, grow businesses and drive sales and operating profit. Companies or brands utilize our services when they are building out new functions or strategic initiatives, need incremental planning and thinking, have a competency or knowledge gap on their team, have capacity constraints or want an objective viewpoint from professionals not immersed in the day-to-day business. We strategize, we plan, we pressure test, and we implement -- together with you.

Contemporary Marketing Perspective

It is our belief that effective marketing enables your overall business strategy, but effectiveness hinges on the ability to be contemporary in your approach. This sometimes requires more than a pivot, as the reality is that marketing is ever-changing. The core strategic building blocks remain consistent, but layering on a unique contemporary perspective is what brings your marketing strategy to life. The KNcontemporary perspective is about embracing consumerism to navigate a path where your brand becomes organically ingrained in your customers’ personal experiences. It’s about leveraging data and technology not just to measure success, but also to predict outcomes and drivers of behavioral change. It’s about innovating with purpose. It’s about uncovering and understanding key customer insights to shape your strategy. And most importantly, it’s about recognizing the ongoing value of optimization and evolution, as customer needs and market opportunities change over time.

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